Monday, 23 May 2011

Will the Kirk make history?

Something I have to keep forcing myself to remember is that the internet is global. Meaning that when you read this you could be from anywhere, except china of course because they hate anything to do with free speech. So because of this I have to explain that the 'Kirk' refers to the Church of Scotland. While the Kirk is not very interesting today it's General Assembly will start the discussions on the ordination of gay clergymen.

This is an issue that will undoubtedly split the church and several congregations are expected to leave whatever the outcome. Their decision will not only decide the future of the Church of Scotland but will set a pace for religious reform on the issue of same sex marriages.

Personal opinion is irrelevant when it comes to religion and you really have to look at the Bible and what Jesus said on the matter. Oops, it looks like Jesus forgot to mention anything about homosexuality when he was on earth. You'd think if God really hated gays he'd remind his son to give them a kicking when he went to earth but we are apparently made in the image of God so maybe he's forgetful too. Whatever the Kirk decides I will probably rant about it sometime next week.


  1. China is gay. And so i religion :D

  2. An interesting subject for a church to tap into. Although there are several churches for gays already.

  3. There would of had to have been homosexuals around in the times of Jesus, but the church chooses not to mention about them. early form of propeganda?