Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fitness 4x4

I'm off to help a friend who is the only instructor of a course in all of Scotland. Yeah ok Scotland isn't that big and it's hardly shocking we don't take fitness too seriously. Basically the program is a conditioning class, it's not a  health class so if you choose to do it don't expect to have a little dance on the floor, do a couple of jumps then be able to say you're doing fitness. This is brutal. Around two thirds of people who attend the class drop out because they're not willing to put in that amount of effort. I almost dropped out but I'm friends with the instructor so he bullied me into continuing.

I'm making no gains out of you doing this class because so few of you are from the UK and I don't think there is anyone reading this from Scotland. It really improved my fitness as I can now do the class at double the weight I started out with. There isn't really a way to explain how intense the class is so if you know of a gym that offers the course near you just go and try one session. I can say however that the warm-up (you know the easy part of a exercise to get your pulse raised) is around 250 squats and a painful 2 minute squat. It's recommended you do it three times a week as that's what the guys who designed the course do. You could do more but you may just tire or demotivate yourself. The whole exercise is one hour long including the warm up and abdominal sections.
I will be posting more videos of the family who designed this and the challenge invented by the dad to win £10000 if you beat him.

The website:
Here's a video showing part of it:

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just another song.

It may be a copyright breach but frankly, I don't give a crap. Here is one of my favourite songs from Elton John. Now that I think of it this isn't exactly a smooth transition from my last posting, sorry about that.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


This is the first version of 'Friday' I had heard. I thought I'd just make a quick stop here to share it with you. I genuinely believed she was swearing behind all those beeps... I'm so clueless.


I just recently decided to get facebook. I understand the idea that you can keep in contact with friends and that's great but when your friend's friends and those friend's friends want to add you and talk to you and meet up for coffee it becomes a bit overwhelming.
I also understand that websites need to advertise but I'm not sure why they decided to target me with gay sex ads. Much like the ones you see at the top of my blog. Although those adverts are probably there because of my first post on gay clergymen, well I won't be making that mistake again. Maybe from now on I'll post about freebies and cute animals to see if google would like to spam us with kittens. I don't think anyone would mind being spammed with kittens.
One other thing about facebook I hate is the millions of emails it decides to send me when I'm tagged in a photo or mentioned or someone has a passing though about my hair. It would be nice of them if they mentioned at some point that I could have disabled these pointless notifications from the beginning so as not to lose my important emails amongst all this facebook related spam.
Oh look it seems I've went on a rant again well to make up for it here are some kittens.

Recommending an MP3

Well actually it's an MP4 player but I could never figure out the video for it. I'm not posting links to but it because I'm sure you're all smart enough to use Google. (It's a Coby MP620 by the way, I wrote the post then remembered I forgot to tell you it's name.)
I'm a bit of a technophobe so when I bought this it was a big jump for me. The last technological purchase I made was a pair of earphones and I walked up to the first 15 year old kid I could see to ask him which ones I should buy. Fortunately I didn't look like a pervert because I was 17 I did however look like a social outcast who lives in the 20th century.
I'll remind you this is a blog not a review site so you won't be getting too much information out of me. It's 8GB which is massive and I reckon is around 250 bazillion filing cabinets but I've been wrong before. To buy it in the UK costs £40 to buy it in USA £20 but because the British government awesome at being greedy they manage to make it cost £40 when you have it shipped over from America. 

The clicking button thing is a bit annoying and I prefer the silent sliding bit on an iPod. The sound quality is great and the space is awesome and you can even store pictures but if I'm honest I miss my walkman. When you strolled around with a cassette player you just felt cooler than everyone else and I don't get that feeling with these new MP3 players because everyone from the age of 10 upwards has one. 

So you can buy it if you want or not, it makes no difference to me. I'm just happy you decided to read my mindless babble about a piece of technology and make it this far. So thank you. 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Will the Kirk make history?

Something I have to keep forcing myself to remember is that the internet is global. Meaning that when you read this you could be from anywhere, except china of course because they hate anything to do with free speech. So because of this I have to explain that the 'Kirk' refers to the Church of Scotland. While the Kirk is not very interesting today it's General Assembly will start the discussions on the ordination of gay clergymen.

This is an issue that will undoubtedly split the church and several congregations are expected to leave whatever the outcome. Their decision will not only decide the future of the Church of Scotland but will set a pace for religious reform on the issue of same sex marriages.

Personal opinion is irrelevant when it comes to religion and you really have to look at the Bible and what Jesus said on the matter. Oops, it looks like Jesus forgot to mention anything about homosexuality when he was on earth. You'd think if God really hated gays he'd remind his son to give them a kicking when he went to earth but we are apparently made in the image of God so maybe he's forgetful too. Whatever the Kirk decides I will probably rant about it sometime next week.