Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fitness 4x4

I'm off to help a friend who is the only instructor of a course in all of Scotland. Yeah ok Scotland isn't that big and it's hardly shocking we don't take fitness too seriously. Basically the program is a conditioning class, it's not a  health class so if you choose to do it don't expect to have a little dance on the floor, do a couple of jumps then be able to say you're doing fitness. This is brutal. Around two thirds of people who attend the class drop out because they're not willing to put in that amount of effort. I almost dropped out but I'm friends with the instructor so he bullied me into continuing.

I'm making no gains out of you doing this class because so few of you are from the UK and I don't think there is anyone reading this from Scotland. It really improved my fitness as I can now do the class at double the weight I started out with. There isn't really a way to explain how intense the class is so if you know of a gym that offers the course near you just go and try one session. I can say however that the warm-up (you know the easy part of a exercise to get your pulse raised) is around 250 squats and a painful 2 minute squat. It's recommended you do it three times a week as that's what the guys who designed the course do. You could do more but you may just tire or demotivate yourself. The whole exercise is one hour long including the warm up and abdominal sections.
I will be posting more videos of the family who designed this and the challenge invented by the dad to win £10000 if you beat him.

The website:
Here's a video showing part of it:


  1. On a different matter,
    They are some good looking girls in the video

  2. yeah the girls kept me interested too. i expect this type of class to breakthrough in australia in about another 3 or 4 years zzzzzz