Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I just recently decided to get facebook. I understand the idea that you can keep in contact with friends and that's great but when your friend's friends and those friend's friends want to add you and talk to you and meet up for coffee it becomes a bit overwhelming.
I also understand that websites need to advertise but I'm not sure why they decided to target me with gay sex ads. Much like the ones you see at the top of my blog. Although those adverts are probably there because of my first post on gay clergymen, well I won't be making that mistake again. Maybe from now on I'll post about freebies and cute animals to see if google would like to spam us with kittens. I don't think anyone would mind being spammed with kittens.
One other thing about facebook I hate is the millions of emails it decides to send me when I'm tagged in a photo or mentioned or someone has a passing though about my hair. It would be nice of them if they mentioned at some point that I could have disabled these pointless notifications from the beginning so as not to lose my important emails amongst all this facebook related spam.
Oh look it seems I've went on a rant again well to make up for it here are some kittens.


  1. Kittehs!!! :D So Kawaii!

  2. nice kitteehs. want spam of it. :D

  3. i don't like faceb.. OH look! kitteehs! cute :>

  4. The 2nd picture is class.

  5. I check my facebook many times a day...and i really have no idea why..because all i ever see if crap about what items people need for there farm etc.